Hi, I’m Dinah

I am Dinah, The Grateful Celebrant. In my role as a Celebrant, I help people celebrate significant people and moments in their lives. Grateful to be based in Myddfai, in Carmarthenshire in a woodland cottage. I live with John, my husband of 33 years in a tiny Welsh longhouse in a woodland and garden.

All the ceremonies I create with the families and couples I work with are about gratitude. Whether we are writing a vow renewal or a life celebration, we are sharing our gratitude for someone we love. Finding the right words to say goodbye to a loved one include being grateful for the joy they brought to you. Marking 25 years together is about acknowledging the gratitude you have for sticking through challenges as much as the joy.

I work with my clients to help create:

Life celebrations and funeral services.
Vow renewal and relationship celebrations
Gratitude Ceremonies and Tree blessings

I have so much to be grateful for, so much to celebrate in my life and as Dinah The Grateful Celebrant, I focus on gratitude. As a celebrant, I love helping others to celebrate the people, events and things they are grateful for. In addition to my work as a Celebrant, I also train others to become Celebrants and Coach and Mentor business owners.

Dinah The Grateful Celebrant – a chance to help people focus on their gratitude.

You can also create a celebration of gratitude for your own, unique reason. Life is such a roller-coaster. There can be so much going on that we forget to take the time to celebrate the successes. The good news after a time of illness or the home move that marks a new beginning. When we feel gratitude and then celebrate it, we give ourselves a precious gift.

What is a celebration of gratitude?

We can create a celebration of gratitude for lots of reasons, including:

  • It’s a beautiful way to mark a special date in a relationship and your gratitude for each other.
  • To celebrate good news about recovery from a challenge you faced and how grateful you are to be through it.
  • Uniting of two families and your gratitude for what each member brings to the new family.
  • For no other reason than you’re full of gratitude and want to express it together, as a family or group of friends.

Ready to create your celebration of gratitude? Let’s talk!